About Us

Our library is located in the hamlet of Radway, south, off highway 28, in the County of Thorhild building on Main Street.

We share the building with Thorhild County's post office franchise.

Use of the three computers are available free of charge to the public, although there is a fee for printing.  

Photocopying, scanning and faxing services are available for a fee - fax fees dependent upon destination area code.

Our library, which is called 'Radway Public Library', is located in the southern part of  Thorhild County, one of three libraries in the county. The others are Thorhild and Newbrook. 

Radway Library, which is one of the oldest in the province, had its start as a project of the Radway High School Literary Society in 1943.  Students and staff earned over $500 through fundraising, and put half their funds towards sponsoring a library.  With a combination of government grants and contributions from the community, the project became a reality in 1944, when the Radway Community Library Association was incorporated. The Radway Community Library's first home was the Hill School; from there, it moved to the Rec Centre (which is now New Horizons); then, to the old village office/fire hall; finally, to its present home, the old village administration building.  This building, which also houses the Radway Post Office, is owned by Thorhild County, which took over administration when our village downsized to a hamlet.

The library is open on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday for the convenience of its local customers, who can pick up their mail, have coffee, read to their toddlers, chat with other patrons, and access the computers.  Radway Public Library is a member of the Northern Lights Library System, and uses The Alberta Card (TAL).  With this card, patrons have access to in-house fiction for all ages and tastes, graphic novels, movies, a wide range of nonfiction, e-resources, audiobooks, current magazines, dvd's, several rotating collections, large print books, and a lot of local lore.